‘Tenterfield Calling’ Local Phone Book

The Tenterfield Eisteddfod Association Inc. has decided that it can no longer produce what has been for many years, the ‘Quota Calling’ Local Phone Directory and lately, the Tenterfield Eisteddfod Association Inc.’s ‘Tenterfield Calling’ phone Book.

This is a matter of great regret for us, as it has provided a substantial financial support for our local Eisteddfod. But, our members are getting older and fewer, so the manpower is not available to complete the task.

We have enjoyed such support, from members of both the local and business communities, that the phone books have provided wonderful financial assistance for our biennial Eisteddfod. You have our sincere thanks for that support, without which we would not be in the position of being able to encourage young (and not so young) performers in music, speech and dance to pursue their creative talents.

The Association has asked A Better Way To Print to take on the task of providing the Tenterfield district with a local phone book. With their experience in producing local phone books for the Stanthorpe and Glen Innes districts, the Tenterfield community can be assured that local information will be presented in a most professional way. We do ask that you support the project as you have supported us in the past.

A Better Way To Print will be also supporting the Tenterfield Eisteddfod Association Inc., by making a contribution towards our 2021 Eisteddfod.

2021 marks the 40th anniversary of the first Quota Club Eisteddfod in Tenterfield. While September next year is a way down the track and we don’t know quite where we will be in the (hopefully) post Covid world, there will be a celebration of this event.

The Eisteddfod, scheduled for September 2021, will go ahead – but in just what format, is still to be determined.