The following Perpetual Trophies, Scholarships and Encouragement Awards are still being used today.  There may be some gaps in our information – can you help?
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Perpetual Trophies

These Trophies are awarded as listed below.

Lillis Donnelly Trophy
(Piano Solo Open)
Roy Fiveash Memorial Trophy
(Sacred Solo Open)
Marcia Rhodes Memorial Trophy
(Highest mark gained in any one of the School Verse Speaking Sections)
Pan Munro Memorial Trophy
(Most promising individual performer in Speech Section)
Georgina Chorley Trophy
(Most Promising Pianist ‘Piano Pop Solo’)
The Pieper Family Trophy
(Best aggregate of ALL Dance Sections)


The Scholarships are for promising competitors who express the wish to continue their studies in the discipline in which they competed at the Eisteddfod and are awarded at the sole discretion of a panel, comprising the Eisteddfod Adjudicator of the respective discipline, and the Executive of the Tenterfield Eisteddfod Committee..

The Audrey Potter Memorial Scholarship (Music)
The Quota Club of Tenterfield Scholarship (Speech & Drama)
The Tenterfield Eisteddfod Association Scholarship (Dance)

Encouragement Awards

Encouragement Awards may be awarded at the discretion of the Adjudicator in the various disciplines, throughout the Eisteddfod.

Encouragement Awards

Retired Trophies and Awards

The following Trophies and Awards are now retired.  There may be some gaps in our information – can you help?  We would appreciate any information you would like to share.

Alma Crook 1988-1998
Apex Club of Tenterfield 1981-1992
Miss M Bendall 1992-1994
Berridge 1992-1996
Blue Light Disco Committee 1992-1996
Denis and the Late Mercia Bourke 1992
Bowling Club of Tenterfield 1992-1996
Kev Brandon 1990-2015
R & E Coker 1990-1996
Richard Crook 1990-1998
Ione Curry 1994-1998
CWA (Day Branch) 1994-1996
CWA (Evening Branch) 1994-1996
A & M Forrest 1990
Barbara Fraser 1990-1996
Tenterfield Golf Club 1996
Inglis Family 1990-2015
P & M Jeffrey 1992-1994
Ray Johnston (MLC Insurance) 1990-1992
Bridged Kelly Memorial 1994-1998
Alma Koch 1990-1996
Lions Club of Tenterfield 1992-1996
HM & F McCowen 1992-1998
National Bank 1992-1996
Miss W Percival 1992
Katheryn Phillips 1992-1998
Catherine Phippard Memorial Trophy (Phippard Family) 1990-2003
Dr. B. Pilgrim 1990-2015
B & I Pitkin 1992
C & E Potter 1992-1996
L & A Rivers 1990-2015
Ross Hardware 1990-2017
Rotary Club of Tenterfield 1992-1996
W & R Rovera 1990-1996
Sherelle Fashions 1992-1994
J & R Stewart 1990-2003
Tapscott Insurance 1990
Frank Taranto 1990-2015
Tenterfield Star 1990-1994
Tenterfield United Organisations 1996
R & V Williams 1990-1998



Exciting result for Tenterfield High School back in 1981 at our first Eisteddfod!
Recorder Group : Secondary School
“Dance of the Blessed Spirits”
The group consisted of:
Clare Connolly, Mary Stark, Tanya Costin, Jenny Greber and Anthony Toulson
They were accompanied by Mrs Therese Connolly


Shape 04-07

Our first Eisteddfod (1981) was sponsored by the Quota Club of Tenterfield

Cathy Phippard & Trophies_©TentStar1981

Shape 04-07


Shape 04-07


Shape 04-07

Open Duet Winners_©TentStar1981




Tenterfield High School does it again!
Percussion Group : Secondary Schools
“Percussion Parade”
The group consisted of:
Kym Charlton, Jim Kelly, Stephen Shea and Lyn O’Sullivan


Shape 04-07

Setting up trophy display©TenterfieldStar1982

©Tenterfield Star 1982
1982 Eisteddfod Committee members Brian Stokes, Irene Pitkin, Alma Crook and Val Gibney
setting up the Trophy display.

Shape 04-07


©Tenterfield Star 1982

Eisteddfod Committee members sorting through the paperwork!
Who can name these lovely people …?




1986 Eisteddfod Programme Cover




Scholarships were introduced

IMG_5106-1990 Programme Cover



Tenterfield Eisteddfod Committee 1992 ©Tenterfield Star_edited

©Tenterfield Star

Busy planning the 1992 Eisteddfod programme are:
Barbara Fraser, Val Gardiner, Nellie Cowley, Daphne Struck, Eileen Smith, Fay McCowen,
Alma Crook, Clare Pieper and Deanna Puce.



Centenary of Federation 2001 certificate0001-00


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